Durga Darshan Date With Maradona & Sourav


Kolkata: Durga Puja is considered to be the biggest carnival in the world rivalled only by the festivities in Sao Paolo. Now what if it gets the God of Football and the Lord of the
Greens with it?

Come September the buzz will begin as the 90 million odd people of the state gets ready
to greet the Mother Goddess. But this time a lucky few in addition to having the comfort
and ease of witnessing Durga Puja at their own time on their chosen day, but will also
have a ring-side view of the Sourav Ganguly versus Maradona football match dubbed as
Diego vs Dada.

All thanks to “Durga Darshan”, promoted by Dhulaiwala Group, a lucky few will enjoy a
whole new way of experiencing the biggest festival of India. Durga Darshan is all set to
become the new superhighway to enjoying Durga Puja in between September 24 and 30.

Talking about the concept, Vivek Kr Agarwal, Founder, Dhulaiwala, said, “We wanted to
give the people an experience to enjoy during Durga Puja. A lot of people mostly families
can’t go to several pandals because of the crowd, the long queues and the general rush.
We have taken this out of the equation. We have chosen 14 of the biggest pujas of
Kolkata and gone into an understanding with them to give the ticket holders of Durga
Darshan maximum comfort possible while experiencing these pujas.”

The tour will give the ticket buyers the following facilities:
a) AC Lounge Facilities with refreshment and guide at 14 Prime Puja Pandals
b) One Dandia Pass per ticket of one of the Top Dandia Venues of Kolkata based on
the preference of the buyer and on availability of ticket
c) An Interactive App that will guide the buyers to the designated Durga Puja and
enlist the top 100 pujas of the city
d) Lucky Draw for whooping 10,000 winners
e) Bus facility for 14 Pujas with GPS facility on App
f) Meet and Greet Programme with top celebrities in town
g) Prizes to Top 3 Puja based on Audience poll on Dhulaiwala App

“We are trying to revolutionise the way people go to see Durga Puja. Our thrust is to
give enjoyment and experience to the puja lovers. This will grow in size every year and
soon become the most sought after way to experience this festival,” added Mr Agarwal.

“There will be several lucky draws that will reward the ticket buyers with gifts. But there
will be a draw of lots in public with top celebrities during which 50 lucky winners will get
to see the marquee match between Sourav Ganguly’s team and Maradona’s team from
the ringside,” he signed off.

When a person buys a ticket he has 14 perforated units marking 14 pujas which are
valid for seven days. So the big ticket literally becomes the giant pie from which the tear
away coupons can be taken away once a puja has been visited. With 14 most sought
after pujas, app facility and AC buses in toe, AC lounges and VVIP entrance, this
certainly becomes the hottest avenue considering the price of tickets at merely Rs 1000
for a person.

Durga Darshan will be inaugurated by Diego Maradona in one of the leading pujas of the
city, the name of which has been kept under wraps for now.

What makes the offer even more irresistible is that only one lakh tickets are up for sale.
The tickets will be available from Dhulaiwala counters and the App that will be ready by
the mid of June. There will be other channel partners for sales of ticket.

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