Dunlop Flyover To Remain Shut Until 5th February


Barrackpore: Major parts of B.T. road will remain closed over repairing works of the Dunlop flyover’s pillars. As a result, several parts of the road will remain closed from January 20 to February 5. It is known that the bridge may be kept under observation for a short period of time.

Last Sunday, the traffic movement was completely stopped at Dunlop Bridge. The administration has decided to reforms the bridge. It was informed that the district administration had decided to close the bridge for the first 15 days after the reform of the bridge. However, depending on the speed of the work, the time limit for closing the bridge may be increased.

A few days ago, on behalf of the North-24 Pargana district administration, it was announced that this Dunlop Bridge would be renovated. Reforms will continue till February 5th . This was stated in the district administration’s notice.

A few months ago a slight crack in a part of this bridge was seen. Since then, heavy traffic on the bridge has been stopped by the administration. It has been known that the Dunlop Bridge will be opened for public use after reforming. The Dunlop Bridge has a major role to come to Kolkata from the side of Belgharia Expressway and Bombay Road. On the other hand, many people used the Dunlop Bridge to come to Kolkata from Dakshineswar.