Dum Dum Eateries May Lose Licence As Food Quality Fails Lab Test


Kolkata: Four DumDum eateries are going to lose licence a there food quality fails lab test. The South Dum Dum municipality is set to shut down a number of eateries in its locality as the food samples collected from these restaurants were found to be unsafe. The samples were sent to the state’s public health laboratory.

Municipality chairman Pachu Roy had sent the samples for test after there were allegations of adulterated food and carcass meat being sold from well known restaurants. He said that the trade licence of the eateries will be cancelled. Roy said: “We will inform the state and cancel the trade licence of the eateries as their food samples were found to be unfit for human consumption. Food from our out of seven eateries failed in the lab test. If they want to continue business with a new licence, they have to get proper food and safety clearance.” Roy added that they will conduct such checks on a regular basis.

The lab also found prawn sample from a factory substandard and unfit for consumption. According to the test report, the consumption of such prawns could have caused heart diseases, gastroenteric problems and fatty liver. Also, rasogollas from a popular outlet were also found to be unsafe. Even kheer and alu-paneer from another well known dhaba were found to have E. coli bacteria in them. However, food from three other outlets were safe for consumption.

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