Dulal Biswas Murder Row: CID Takes Charge Of Investigation


Krishnanagar: The CID took charge of the murder case of Trinamool Congress Party’s block president, Dulal Biswas. On Tuesday they reached the Bagula party office to investigate the spot minutely.

দুলাল বিশ্বাস খুনের রহস্য ভেদ করতে তৎপর সিআইডি

During their investigation the finger print experts collected finger prints from the murder spot. As per their investigation they found few new sources from the spot as well. But for the sake of investigation they did not disclose the reports yet. The reason behind Dulal Biswas’s murder was also not completely clear for the CID team.

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Earlier on Monday police represented Kamal Majumdar and Sankar Biswas on the Ranaghat Sub divisional Court. Sankar Biswas at the court claimed to be a TMC party member. He also informed that he had no connection with the BJP and CPI(M). On the other hand Kamal remained silent about the incident. On the same day, the CID requested the police for keeping them on their custody.

The family members of Dulal Biswas completely broke down after the incident because 12 years ago their younger son Swapan Biswas was also murdered. The situation gradually eased down in the locality on Tuesday, the shop keepers even reopened their shops.