DU admission: Students need more than 100 percent!!


New Delhi: The Delhi University which is already in the headlines over the admission to its colleges have come up with a strange procedure. If a student wants to take up a subject as honours without having it in 12 std then the student would have to get 2.5% i.e 10 marks more than the cutoff percentage to secure admission.

Most times, students like to opt for a subject which was not in their 12 std. In that case the student will be at a disadvantage of 2.5 percent marks and will have to get 10 marks more. Only then the student can be admitted to the course of his choice.

The cut off percentage for Economic Hons at Shri Ram College of Commerce is 98.25% Now, if a student wants to take admission to the college without having Economics in 12 std, then he or she will have to get 100.75% in the best of four if he or she wants to get admission to the college.

Also, for changing stream, if a science student opts for a commerce or Arts subject then he or she will be at a disadvantage of 5% in best of four.

The incidents have led to people sharing jokes on the social networking sites about the University which in not even among the top universities in Asia. The cut off system of DU this time has spread gloom among the students who were opting to try out something new or bring about a change in their career.