Dry Cracked Lips? Take some homemade solutions


Winter season are coming and in that period we all are tormenting from one common problem which is dry cracked lips. To avoid this problem you need to know some solution to make your lips more attractive and glamorous as it is the most important part of your face.

The reason of cracked lips:
1.    One of the main reasons of cracked lips is dehydration of your body.
2.    Lack of water consumption is another reason.

1.    Always use branded lip balm.
2.     The lip balm has to encompass sun protection.

Homemade Remedies:
1.    Use a pack of honey and lemon juice which use as cleansing of your lips.
2.    Use almond oil on your lips.

Much needed concern:
1.    Do not uses mat lipstick in winter.
2.    Always use moisturizer based lipstick.
3.    At night before go to bed you have moisturize your lips.
4.    Don’t lick your lips. We lick our dry lips to add some moisture, but it actually dries them out even more. Your saliva contains acids that break down food, but they also irritate your lips. Plus, continuously licking will remove any natural oils you have on your lips.