Drunk Driving May Invite Penalty of Rs. 10, 000

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New Delhi: In a bid to check rampant drunk driving in the country, the road transport ministry is pushing for five-fold increase in fine for first-time offenders while repeat offence will attract stiffer penalty besides imprisonment ranging from six months to one year and impounding of the vehicle for one year.

At present, the fine is up to Rs 2,000 or jail up to six months for first drunk driving offence. The new provision proposes Rs 10,000 fine for first time offenders.

The bill has specified the fine and penalties for those carrying more than one driving licence or attempting to get a fresh one and stiff penalty for using any uninsured vehicle. According to the provisions incorporated in the bill, driving uninsured vehicle will attract fine between Rs 2,000 and Rs 1 lakh depending on the type of vehicle. It was recently revealed that over 70% of two-wheelers in India don’t have insurance cover.

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He added if the offence is like jumping traffic light or not wearing seatbelt, the penalty would be less whereas killing a child in a road crash will attract higher penalty.

The bill also has provision for negative point for most offences and there are provisions for mandatory community service for certain type of offences. “Once an offender accumulates certain negative points, say 12 or 14, his licence will be suspended,” said an official.