Drug Cartels Give Oxygen For Terror Funding In W Bengal


Nikhilesh Roy Chowdhury, Kolkata: Whatever exciting contemporary jargons you throw upon social media, you could get some booty. May be cash, may be fashion creations, or narcotics. And you would get protection also. Because the reckless doomsday preachers want to throw you in ashtray. Drug lords are their mentor.

Mainly the network is maintained by the underworld through various countries. The terror modules are their launching pads. Stupid young generation doesn’t know by whom they are being motivated. Not only youth, experienced members of the various social strata are also become victims because of their unlimited aspirations.

Cyber experts warned that the world at risk because of the hackers. But who would lend them ears? Let’s eat, drink and be merry! In this context, mainly India’s security is in grave danger. Indian people are lived in awkward position. Because we don’t know about how we can protect us from the inward cyber threat. We are contained by cyber enemies, unfortunately some of them are our neighbours. And there are enemy within, who are motivated just of their greed and perversion. They willingly cooperate with the cyber enemies, who want to explode the country within.

Bill Gates said that he will try to solve the problem. But if the underworld get the key how to cope with the populace through cyber network and throw them in madness, then you have only one solution—just turn the satellite off!

In this circumstance, India has to cooperate seriously with Israel. Because this two countries are the eyesores of various interests. Some interests are so critical that even the US administration or the UK govt. won’t dare to clash with them directly. Because of their mutual corporate benefit.

In India, most grave situation is brewing in West Bengal. In this state, the cyber corruption had first got its roots during the previous CPM-led government. To remain in power, the Lefts gave the mileage the white colour criminals, who had opened the gate for cyber corruptions. At present, those cyber criminals are roamed here freely and they gained the upper hand socially also. Mainly they become bridge between criminality and social injustice.

If you want to uproot the terror cells, chiefly you have to trace the trail of narcotic supply line, various embassies and IT sector. May be you have to face a diplomatic tremor. But if you have to protect your country, then ampute the gangrene.