Drowned Kannada ‘Villain’ Uday’s Body Found, Anil Still Missing


Bengaluru: Two days after two Kannada actors drowned, the body of one of the actors, Uday, has been found in the Tippagondanahalli reservoir near Bengaluru on Wednesday.

Two days ago, Uday and Anil had drowned after performing a deadly stunt which involved jumping into the reservoir from a helicopter.

Anil’s body is yet to be to recovered. Actors Anil and Uday died after they, along with actor Duniya Vijay, jumped into the reservoir while shooting the film Mastigudi. Vijay was rescued, but Anil and Uday never got out of the water.

TV reports state that a 30-member expert team of NDRF personnel in 10 boats has been deployed in the lake.

Four coracles too have been deployed. Anil’s sister told TV reporters that till now no one came forward and taken responsibility for her brother’s death. She said, “Why was only Duniya Vijay saved? Is there no value of the lives of co-actors?”

BWSSB officials say that the reservoir is filled with weeds and silt. A complaint has been a lodged by the superintendent of the Tippagondanahalli reservoir at the Tavarekere Police station in Ramnagara district, where the reservoir is located.

Police have registered a case against the film’s director Nagashekhar, action director Ravi Verma, and producer Sundar.

A video from the incident shows the two actors screaming for help, even as Vijay was pulled to safety.