Drones Used To Monitor Situation During Chhath Puja


Malda: Security has been beefed up in Malda in view of the Chhath Puja on Tuesday.

Thousands of worshippers will visit Malda’s Mahananda ghat on Tuesday. To ensure that no unpleasant incidents occur, the district administration will monitor strictly through the use of drones. By using drone-cameras, the administration will keep a close watch on Mahananda river ghat under the English bazar municipal area.

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The administration believes that if precautions are not taken from before, then any incident can take place any moment.

To monitor in the waterways, board and small boats were used. But since the number of worshippers are increasing day by day, hence a drone can only suffice to the needs, believes the police. This is the first time monitoring will be done through drone cameras. A trial run of such drone cameras have been done successfully. The police and English bazar municipal chairman themselves examined the trial run.

English bazar municipal chairman Nihar Ranjan Ghosh said, “The ghats have been cleaned and lots of lights have been installed so that the worshippers do not face any problem. This year, monitoring through drones will be done so that no unpleasant incident happens. This will help to manage and unwanted situation, or any accident can be stopped. On this, the district police has helped us a lot.”

District police super Arnab Ghosh said, “We have already visited Malda’s Mahananda river ghat. Our police administration is there to avoid any unpleasant accident. If anything happens, the police is ready to take immediate action.”