‘Drishyantar’ Actor Vickey Inspired By His Co-Star Shrabanti


Mousumi Das, Kolkata: Many dreams to become an actor but some can achieve. The glamour, fame and money attracts the young generation into this industry.This new actor of Tollywood whose upcoming movie ‘Drishyantar’ is going to hit the theaters this week is passionate about acting. Vickey Deb, the lead actor of the movie is the new sensation of Tollywood. Well, we can say he’s is the new chocolate-boy in Bengali film industry.The trailer of the movie was out earlier and it proves that the unusual story line by director Rana Banerjee is going to make a big hit.

Whether it is Bollywood or Tollywood films allures everyone. Hence, this is the reason that the entertainment industry is one of the booming industry now. With the passage of time people’s taste for Tollywood movie has changed.Breaking the conventional barriers Tollywood has introduced many new genre, directors and actors in the industry. Audience are also appreciating these change in Tollywood, as a result craze for watching Bengali movies has also increased. Movie lovers have acknowledged many new actors.

In an exclusive interview with Kolkata24x7 Vickey Deb expresses his love for films, acting that attracted him to be a part of this industry and about his upcoming movie ‘Drishyantar’.

1.What attracted you to begin a career as an actor?

I’m passionate about acting and when passion becomes profession it’s amazing.Coming from a family who are always into business, I always wanted to be recognized as an actor. So I started from Theatre.

2.How do you like to encourage ideas in others?

By motivating them, supporting in every way possible, making them understand to believe in themselves and the value of following ones dream.Do dream….it will come to be true.

3.Do you think honesty is always the best policy?

Not always, sometimes one need to adopt a path which may not completely correct but the intention and the purpose should be noble and constructive.

4.Which Tollywood celebrity’s acting inspires you most and why?

Srabanti and Sohom because of their versatility.

5.Your experience while facing some of the famous actors in the industry?

Wonderful learning experience, luckily being a newcomer I’ve been treated in a very kind manner. Out of the many things one thing which I have learned from the brilliant actor (Srabanti) is that no matter how big a star you become one should always be down to Earth,rational and humble.

6.One fun fact about you that people might not be aware of?

It takes time for me to open up. But once I do (Depends on the scenario and the people around) I’m mischievous and naughty too.

7. Tell something about your current movie?

‘Drishyantar’ is romantic thriller. The movie is a love story between Arghya (played by me) and his wife Rupsha (played by Srabanti). Both are into two different profession as the story grows you’ll come to know how the love story turns into a thrilling one with a murder plot in it. Two more famous actors also plays major roles in the movie- Debshankar Halder and Indrani Halder.The story line grows with the murder mystery.

8.When was your first role as an actor?

Back in 2011 I acted in a movie named ‘Unish Kurir Golpo’.

Watch the trailor:

9.If not acting then which profession you would have been now?

As I like to travel,so I wanted to be in aviation industry for any international airline.

10. Any message for your fans?

I need your love and support. We all have worked hard for this project. It’s a request do watch ‘Drishyantar’ at the theaters near you. You’ll get to see a new pair in Tollywood. I’m pretty sure you will love our chemistry and also up for a thrilling mystery which unfolds on the 24th August. Thank you.