DRDO Readying Hi-Tech Security For Military Bases


New Delhi: Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is now testing out an unmanned tech-based solution to provide security for the perimeter of such military stations.

বছরে ১৬ টি করে তেজস আসবে বায়ু সেনার হাতে

In the past few years, there have been almost a dozen attacks or attempts by terrorists to storm a military base to pick on easy targets like women and children living in the Army quarters.

The DRDO is carrying out an experiment at a 4,000-acre military area in southern part of India. It has a mix of laser walls, radars, physical vibration sensors. The input is then aggregated. “Let us prove it, we will pass on this technology to the industry,” DRDO Chairman Dr S Christopher told The Tribune.

চিনকে টেক্কা দেওয়ার মতো অস্ত্র রয়েছে ভারতের

Notably, the DRDO has demonstrated an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) that can be sent to the spot to set aside any suspicion detected by the technology at the perimeter. “The UGV will have a light and camera, it can send across a live picture. But it will not have a weapon,” the DRDO chief said.

Talking about radars, Dr Christopher said “We have told the Defence Minister that by 2022 the country will not need to import any type of radars.”

We will look at Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) and also private companies. “There are good companies, who are making radars,” he said. So far DRDO has not given full-fledged radars technology to any private company. The joint work has been done between DRDO and private companies. The BEL-produced radars are a success and installed at various locations.

The DRDO, he said, was working on projects as varied as submarines to satellites. Negotiations have been completed for the six Airbus- 330 planes which will be fitted with radars and surveillance equipment. At present, India uses the Boeing P8-I for looking over the sea while the Russian IL-76 has been modified or a role with the IAF.