DRDO Focuses on All-Weather Advanced Weapons

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New Delhi: The Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) should focus on designing all-weather weapons that can operate in day and night conditions, said Lt Gen A B Shivane, director general, mechanized forces, at a workshop held in Dehradun on Thursday.

Lt Gen Shivane, chief guest of the workshop on “Night Vision Empowering Technologies”, organized by the Instrument Research and Development Establishment, (IRDE), said that the forces require automatic weapon functioning in all weather, day and night situation, and asked the DRDO to focus on designing and development of the equipment that are on par with contemporary global systems.

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IRDE, director, SS Negi said that the workshop focused on cutting edge technological products designed and developed for the Indian Army.

“There were four specialized lectures by the experts in the field of Thermal Imagers, Laser Stabilization, Image Intensifier Tube and fire control system. The interaction of the experts and end users (army officers) was very useful in future planning,” said Negi.

source: Defence News

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