Dooars Overcrowded With Tourists After Puja


Jalpaiguri: Dooars is a paradise for nature lovers. At the end of Autumn, Dooars is more glowing. Tourists are gathered here to visit the beauty of Dooars. After the Puja, Dooars are over-crowded with tourists as expected. Lataguri, Chapramari, Gorumara and Dhupjhora all places are overcrowded with tourists.

Gorumara jungle situated beside the wide green tea garden and the small village are surrounded by the small hills. In Sunday, many tourists were gathered to visit the Gorumara, Chapramari, lataguri jungle.

According to a tourist, “We are really overwhelmed. This is a different feelings of wildlife in the jungle.” Dooars offered us dense forests, tea gardens, the river Jaldhaka, forest villages, a watchtower and the hint of an adventure in every nook and cranny.

One can glimpse elephants, bisons, rhinoceroses and wild boars by elephant safari and car safari. In the afternoon, the advasi dance with the pair of Dhamsa Maddal experienced almost royal. According to think tank, this crowd have good impact on economic sector of the area.