Don’t Politicise Triple Talaq: PM Modi To Muslims


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged Muslims on Saturday not to view the issue of triple talaq from a political perspective, in his latest push for a ban on the contentious practice, on grounds of gender equality and justice.

While the sensitive issue is quickly getting politicised, the PM expressed confidence that “enlightened” members of the Muslim community would lead efforts to end the practice.

The Supreme Court is hearing petitions for a ban on triple talaq. The next hearing is slated for May 11. Speaking at a function to mark the Basava Jayanthi celebrations in honour of Kannada philosopher Basaveswara, Mr Modi referred to the 12th Century reformer’s movement against regressive practices, to speak about triple talaq.

His comments come against the backdrop of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) opposing a blanket ban on the practice, accusing the Modi government of trying to kill the country’s plurality.

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“I appeal to you not to view the triple talaq issue from a political perspective. Come out and find a solution. That solution will have its own majesty and generations will remember you,” Mr Modi said.

The push for a ban also looks to win support from Muslim women and chip away at an important bloc of voters that has viewed Mr Modi with suspicion. Mr Modi said he hoped that “powerful people” would emerge from society and help “eradicate outdated practices and evolve modern systems”.

He called upon Indian Muslims to lead not just those from the community in the country, but to show the “path of modernity” to Muslims worldwide.


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