‘Don’t Close Doors While Changing’

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New Delhi: In the latest infringement on the freedom of female students, young women at a college in Kerala were instructed not to lock the doors of their hostel rooms, even while changing.

The incident at Kollam’s Upasana College of Nursing has the students, primarily girls, up in arms. They alleged that the bizzare rule was introduced because the college authorities believe giving the girls privacy will encourage homosexuality.

‘মহিলারা পোশাক পরিবর্তনের সময় দরজা লক করতে পারবে না’

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The students claim the Principal said that the girls are shutting their doors either to secretly use mobile phones or to indulge in homosexual activities. They also alleged the Principal of making casteist slurs.

When they objected against this discrimination against SC, ST and Dalit students, they claim the Principal threatened with dire consequences.

All this has led the protesting students to demand the Principal’s resignation.
Upasana College is run by the Upasana Charitable Society, started by businessman Ravi Pillai.