Don’t Behave Like A Renegade, Mamata Hints Mukul


Kolkata:  Trinamool Suprimo Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday hits out one time Chanokya of TMC Mukul Roy at their core Committee meeting and addressed all party workers and leaders that do not behave like a renegade. She also compared Mukul Roy as ‘Gaddar’.

Mamata Banerjee said that someone is trying to destroy our party in Tripura. Trinamool workers must dedicate themselves to building the society and nation at large. “Everyone must play their own role, do not put muzzle on others work. Nobody takes more than one post in the party, no matter how big he or she is” Mamata warns to the party members at the meeting.

Mamata also said in meeting that We have to focus on character building and creating awareness among the youth. Panchayat elections will be held within the next few months.

All pending work must be completed in due time. In times of crisis, focus should always on relief and rescue operations first. Opposition can play petty politics.

Mamta also hits out safforn brigade and said that BJP spreads fake news and lies on social media. We have to counter them. BJP must answer people on issues like FRDI, farmers’ distress, price rise, withdrawal of railway projects.