Domkal Twin Boat Tragedy: 3 Bodies Recovered

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Update: The body of 1.5 year old Alamin was recovered.

Berhampore: After 36 hours of the Domkal twin boat tragedy, two bodies of a mother
and daughter were recovered from the Bhairav river. 1 and a half years of Alamin is
still missing.

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A twin boat tragedy occured at Madhyagaribpur’s ferighat under Domkal police
station on Thursday evening. A total of 70 passengers were there in both the boats.
After the accident, many swam to the river bank but at least 10 were missing
including the woman and the daughter, whose body was recovered on Saturday. Later
on, 7 were found but 3 were still missing.

Rescue teams from Barrackpore and Krishnanagar were put into service to look for
the three missing people. Search operation was conducted on Friday. One of the
boats was recovered. In the wee hours on Saturday, the rescue team again started
their search mission for the three missing.

Two kilometers away from Madhyagaribpur ferrighat, the 40-year-old Jahura Bibi and
her 4-year-old Imme Shalma’s body was recovered on Saturday morning.

Another baby Almin is still missing. Search operation is on.