Domestic help confesses of murdering Paikpara couple


Kolkata: The domestic help of the aged couple who were found dead in Paikpara area of Kolkata has confessed that her husband Bappa had killed the duo over a fit of rage. The domestic help named Purnima was in the list of suspects.

During interrogation she confessed that she knew that her husband has murdered the couple. She also admitted that money was also stolen from the house after the crime. She had also hid the packet which was given to her by her husband.

It has been known that Bappa had gone to the aged couple to ask for money for the treatment of his daughter but was allegedly insulted by the couple. Avenging the insult, he killed the couple. The investigators are looking into the matter as to why money was stolen if the act was committed out of vengeance.

Police searched the house of Bappa’s in-laws along with him on Friday night and recovered two lakh rupees and some gold ornaments.