Dola Sen threatens to slap Civic Police


Kolkata: Dola Sen is yet again in news for taking a dig at the cop. It is reported that the Rajya Sabha Dola Sen has threatened to slap an on duty Civic Police on Friday. The incident had occurred at Baguiati’s Chinarpark area. It is reported that Dola Sen’s car had taken the wrong root at Baguiati on Friday. A civic police named Bibhas Roy stopped her car in the wrong root. It is then when Dola Sen lost her cool and lashed out at the policeman and even threatened to slap him for his action. Getting to know about the situation, the officers of higher rank came to the spot. However, Dola said that Roy had misbehaved with her. HEnce, she was compelled to raise her voice. But no complaint has been registered by the police in connection to this incident.

Earlier on Feb 17,2012, Dola was said to have slapped a policeman on the Bali Bridge over the issue of stopping her car for some unknown reason. Another TMC MP, Prasun Banerjee had landed in trouble for slapping a traffic guard at Laketown a few days ago.