Doctors Remove Five Foot ‘Hairball’ from Teenagers Stomach


New Delhi: In a bizarre operation in the country Surgeons have removed a five-foot long hairball from the stomach of a teenager who was so ill she could barely swallow water. Kavita Kumari, 15, had been swallowing hair for the past year.

Her addiction known as Rapunzel syndrome was so severe that she would not just eat her own hair, but strands she found lying around. She would even pluck the hair of her classmates at school and eat it, it is claimed.
The addiction also meant she had lost interest in eating food and would vomit each time she was force-fed, while complaining of severe abdominal pain and weakness.

Worried and mystified when their daughter’s stomach began protruding, Kavita’s parents took her to several doctors. A CT scan further revealed Kavita had five-feet long hairball in her stomach. It also showed a large lesion in her stomach and small bowel.

Despite knowing the hairball was there, doctors were astonished to discover during the two hour operation that it was more than five feet long.

‘I didn’t expect the hairball to be this big,’ said Dr Bahadur Sidharth. ‘I had never seen such a case before.’
Kavita is now recovering at the hospital and should soon be able to eat again.