Doctors On Strike Demanding OC’s Arrest


Kolkata: The West Bengal Doctors Forum called for an hour long strike across the state demanding the arrest of Jadavpur OC Pulak Dutt who reportedly assaulted CMRI resident doctor Srinivas Geddam. The forum has requested all the government and private hospitals to support the strike. So the doctors are going for an hour strike on Monday from 12pm to 1pm.The medical fraternity, meanwhile, remained united in their demand for Dutta’s arrest.

On Wednesday night, the Jadavpur OC allegedly slapped an on-duty junior doctor. On the next day a complaint was written to the DC South Miraj Khalid. On this day, complainant Srinivas Geddam along with a representative from medical organization were also present at DC South’s office.

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On the day giving of petition Joint Platform of Doctors Association had told to take step against the OC within 72 hours. Soon after crossing 72 hours KP officials posted in Facebook that with injury in hand and channel for saline water, it is not possible to slap anybody. If nothing happens this time they will go for day long strike.

The Joint Platform of Doctors Association had earlier demanded the police for the arrest of OC Dutta within 72 hours. on Thursday to take action against the OC of Jadavpur Police. Dr. Kaushik Chaki told media that, “We will see till 72 hours, if police fails to take any action against the OC. Then we will be forced to start movement against this. He also mentioned the OC may face 10 years in prison for assaulting an on-duty doctor.

But a Facebook post by Kolkata Police has has boiled the situation more. The Kolkata police posted the picture of the OC lying on a hospital bed.There KP has questioned that, “If a man is lying down with bandage in his one hand and taking saline in the other, then how can he slap a doctor?” This post has infuriated the medical fraternity.