Doctor Lives With His Sister’s Corpse For 2 Days


Kolkata: In another bizzare incident, a retired professor of Nilratan Sarkar Medical College was found living with her sister’s corpse at their Uluberia residence in Howrah, two days after her death because he didn’t have money to cremate her dead body.

The incident came to light when neighbours alerted the police about the stench of rotten flesh from the residence of Dr. Nilamani Dhara, aged 81 who was living with his sister Karabi, 61. Police reached the two-storeyed house of the retired doctor to find decomposing body of his sister.

She had died two days ago at Uluberia State General Hospital on December 24. The hospital authorities informed that Nilamani took the body of her sister to his home on Monday after she died of anaemia and respiratory distress.

The incident brought back the rerun of gory at Robinson Street where Parth De lived with rotten corpses of his sister and two dogs for six months. Dhara, who retired as medical preofessor in 1996 was living in huge financial crisis and Police says the brother-sister duo was surviving on water.

When police reached the house, Dhara displayed signs of mental illness and argued with the cops. He reportedly told them, “Let my sister remain with me. She is lying down now. I am treating her. I will give her a cake on January 1.”