Doctor Delivers Her Own Baby, In Moving Car


New Delhi:  As a doctor at California’s Petaluma Valley Hospital, Dr Victoria Williams had delivered hundreds of babies. She would still never have thought that one day she would deliver her own baby herself, inside a car, on the way to the hospital. But that’s exactly what happened on May 2.

Even though Dr Williams began her day on May 2 with no contractions, her water broke at 6.45 am. According to her Facebook post, she decided to head straight to the birthing centre at the hospital where she worked and woke her husband, Adam, and her daughter up.

As a family practitioner, Dr Williams had never missed any deliveries, even taking night time calls, she writes on Facebook. She had no reason to think that she would not make it in time to the hospital for her own delivery. However, as she began to push involuntarily and the traffic on the roads played spoilsport, even as her husband drove as fast as he could, that’s exactly what happened.

Read Dr Williams’s own account of how she delivered her daughter, Kainoa Isabel Williams, herself, on the way to the hospital, below:

In less than one hour since the contractions began, Kainoa, a perfectly healthy baby, was born. “We were very, very lucky. There are a lot of things that could have gone wrong,” says Dr Williams, according to The Press Democrat.

All’s well that ends well, right?