Do Martyrs’ Day Crowd Go To Sonagachi After Rally Breaks?


Kolkata: Not everyone knows that Asia’s largest red-light area bleams with huge
profits during big rallies in the city. “Tree of Gold” or Sonagachi will have a
surge in its business on Saturday as Mamata’s Martyrs’ Day rally concluded on the
same day.

According to the information from Kolkata’s red light area, the business will surge
high because of July 21 or Martyrs’ Day. This happens every year. Soon after the
meeting gets over, the workers and supporters go straight to Sonagachi.

Not only on this day, but whenever there is a huge gathering, there is a profit in
the red light area as informs the Durba’s Mahila Samiti.

The history takes us back to 200 years when the Britons had come to India and
brought a lot of soldiers in the country. They were stuck here for months. During
that time they used to go to these areas. The widows were forcefully brought in to
satisfy the soldiers.

200 years later, the picture is just the same.

The income of the health workers become double during these days. SO it is presumed
that even today (Saturday), the crowd would move to Sonagachi.

Mahasweta, co-ordinator of Durba’s Mahila Samiti, said, “Today the crowd is likely
to rise here. It will be more than any other normal day. It is not only on 21st
July, any political rally means profit in business.”

Kajal Bose, member of Durba, said, “Each and every girl has a profit of more than 5
to 6 thousand. Here, some girl costs 500, whereas some other girl costs 1000
rupees. The cost depends upon the girl. But it is true that many increases the cost
when there are meetings or rallies.”

Members of Durba also informs that there is problem with the police too. They raid
and take away customers and detain them. But ignoring such problems, today’s
business will be profitable, thinks the health workers.

Reporting: Souptik Banerjee
Edited By:  Saheli Dey