District BJP President Threatens Action Against Cops, Later Arrested


Islampur, Kolkata: BJP district president on Sunday courted controversy after he asked people to take action against security forces in North Dinajpur, where two students died in a clash with police over teachers’ recruitment in a high school and Within five hours North Dinajpur BJP President Shankar Chakraborty arrested from Domohona on Sunday. Karandighi police arrested him.

State BJP president Dilip Ghosh counter attacked and said, “The police administration will suffer its consequences.” BJP President of North Dinajpur said earlier that, “Do not let the police in the village, and when see the police, take action.” During the roadshow in Islampur on Sunday, BJP district president of Shankar Chakrabarti, was accused of spreading tension.

In the morning, BJP leader Mukul Roy, Locket Chatterjee, went to Darivit village. District President of the party Shankar Babu was accompanied with them. He went there and said, “If the dog on the road falls, help with water, but do not help the police.”

Speaking to him on this issue, the district president talked to Kolkata 24 × 7 and said, “The police is playing the game in the name of investigation. Police rushed to the village at night and tortured women. In that case, if I have done such a comment against the police, I apologized. ”

The BJP district president also attacked the ruling party. Shankar Chakraborty said, “The way the government is functioning, they has no lifeline. CPM has been wiped out in the Nandigram incident. And now Trinamool wiped out in this incident. ”

On the other hand, Trinamool Congress Secretary-General and State Education Minister Partha Chaatterjee has strongly condemned the remarks of BJP’s district president. He said, “I have enough doubts about the education and culture that can make such comments against the police. And it is clear that ‘what kind of culture’ they want to establish in the state.”