Disha had transfered Rs 25k from her A/C: Reports


Kolkata: According to the reports submitted by the forensic department officers, Disha Ganguly had committed suicide. According to the primary reports of the forensic department, signs revealing that she had been strangled are out in the open. The detective officers will closely scrutinize and examine the details of her mobile phone and other accessories. As of now, her inbox in the moble only shows promotional messages of various service providers instead of personal messages.

The police are also trying to get  through her facebook account. Stirring up everyone, a fact has come to light regarding her banking transaction. It is learnt that Disha had transferred a sum of Rs 25,000 to someone else’s account the night before her death. Now the question arises, in whose account did Disha send this amount! The police are trying to traverse more avenues in the path that lead to Disha’s untimely death.

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