Disgruntled KP & Fire Dept Towards KMC’S Remiss


Kolkata: The busy Bagri market of Canning street turned into an inferno after the devastating blaze that perished goods, wealth and property of the traders who earned their bread through this market. After three days of prolonged attempts by the combat force of Kolkata police, fire brigade and D.M.G the fire was brought under control. As per reports still some pocket fire exists which will be brought under control soon. Meanwhile, strife has been emerging centering the removal of the debris from the site by the Kolkata police and KMC.

In some parts of the building due to the presence of pocket fire, flames taking violent shape at irregular intervals. The fear of pocket fire will exist until the debris are removed. When will be debris removed? Distressed traders are in shock.

Whose responsibility is to remove the debris from the Bagri tragedy site? Of course, it is KMC’s responsibility,straight answered by the Kolkata police and fire department. But not a single KMC officials were noticed till the afternoon, as the day proceeded hardly two to three officials arrived that was not sufficient in numbers to remove such huge debris from the site. This has agitated the traders of Bagri.

KMC’s such careless attitude has disgruntled police and fire officials. A senior police officer said, “Police and firefighters have allowed the KMC staffs to start the removal work of the debris inside the building after they doused the fire completely. Yet this is the situation.” This irresponsible attitude of the KMC staffs give a call to any danger.

The three-day continuing blaze at Bagri did not even saved a single thing of the last remains of the traders. Bagri has turned into a ruin. A lot of problem had arise during the rescue operation process. Therefore, to avoid further accidents the traders wants quick removal work of the debris.

Reported By: Souptik Banerjee

Edited By: Mousumi Das