Direct flight from Kolkata to Colombo on June 17


Kolkata: Direct flight from Kolkata to Colombo is all set to start from Wednesday June 17. The low cost Sri Lankan government carrier will operate the service thrice a week from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport.

Due to the direct link between Kolkata and the Sri Lankan Capital, there will be a cut in the travel time by nearly three hours and will also prove to be very economical.

For a trip from the city to Colombo and back, Mihin Lanka is charging Rs 15,500 as against Rs 26,000-27,000 offered by other operators, whose flights, however, operate via New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai or Bangalore.

Mihin Lanka is likely to use Airbus-319, A-320 or A-321 aircraft on the Kolkata-Colombo sector.

The flight is also expected to boost the tourism and trade between Bengal and Sri Lanka.