Dip In Temperature Brings Glory To Bengal Winter Lovers


Kolkata: Sudden dip in mercury has brought happiness among the Winter lovers. Temperature on Sunday touched 13.7 degree, lowest of this season. But the MET office saying that it would not continue not more than one day.

Temperature will start to increase from Monday. Mercury has lowed down throughout in West Bengal. The lowest temperature prevailing in Darjeeling is 2.4 degree. On the other hand, 11.6, 7.7, 15.1 degrees in Jalpaiguri, Cooch Behar and Malda.

The west part of West Bengal is experiencing shivering cold in these days. The lowest temperature in Bankura and Purulia are 12.7 and 10.5 degree. The presence of continuous cold-wave has increased the feeling of coldness.

In Asansol and Bardhaman, lowest temperature is 12.6 and 13.4 degree and 11.2 in Krishnanagar. The Alipore MET office said that, mercury falling down due to the clear sky and less humidity in the air.

When people are getting ready to celebrate Winter, MET office could not make people happy for long. It said that, this is the first phase of Winter which will not last long. Temperature will increasing after Monday afternoon. The increasing mercury will prevail in next few days but it would not be uncomfortable to people.

With an interval of time, mercury will start fall again. the continuous ups-downs will be comforting to people and climate condition will be a relishing state for all.