Dip In Mercury Clips Winter In Bengal


Kolkata: The Alipore weather office Kolkata said that there will be a dip in mercury of two degree on Wednesday as the clear sky will strengthen Winter in city and South Bengal. Tropical cyclonic storm Phethai has weakened its power so rain has stopped from Tuesday evening.

If the depression over Bay of Bengal starts to move, there will be a sweep entry of Winter. North wind will get the green signal to South Bengal. The temperature will start to fall from Wednesday evening.

The Alipore weather official said that, “clear sky will help to bring north-wind in South Bengal. There will be chilly winter in next two days. On Tuesday, the lowest temperature was 16.1 degree which was one degree higher than the normal, highest temperature was 18.9 degree which was 8 degree lower than the normal. If North wind start to enter the state, mercury will be down for staraight two degree. Icy winter will prevail in Christmas.

The deep depression over Bay of Bengal has welcomed rain in December. There was no trace of Winter till the mid of December in South Bengal. Rain started from Monday along with gusty wind will continue on Tuesday, as per Alipore weather office, Kolkata.

Entire South Bengal will be muddy as rain will continue the whole day. The weather office has also forecasted that Winter will soar its impact from Thursday which will prevail till Christmas. The tropical cyclone ‘Phethai’ working as catalyst which is force behind such watery Winter.