Dinesh Trivedi Warned By Party


Kolkata: TMC MP Dinesh Trivedi has been given a warning by the TMC party on Tuesday for his anti-party comments.

According to TMC sources, this decision was taken in a meeting of party MPs in Delhi. He has been accused of speaking publicly against the party in several issues including the Narada sting issue. As a result, the party’s image was getting tarnished. There was a delay in this ‘warning’ because of the West Bengal assembly elections.

TMC MP Sudip Banerjee said on Tuesday that Dinesh trivedi has been ‘warned’ for carrying out several anti-party activities. If he still refuses to take the ‘warning’ seriously and continues with his activity, then the party would be compelled to discuss about taking measures against him.

After Narada Sting Issue was made public, Trivedi said that those who were seen in the video must stay indoors and remain silent. They can make public appearances once they have been proved innocent. In another such incident, where a 3.5 years old child was beaten allegedly by TMC goons, Trivedi stayed by the family. For all such anti-party incidents, Trivedi was cautioned on Tuesday.