Dilip, Rahul Sinha Immerses Vajpayee’s Ashes


Kolkata: The state BJP leaders immersed the ashes of late Prime Minister Atal Bihar
Vajpayee on Friday at the Ganga sagar.

State BJP president Dilip Ghosh had arrived in party office on Wednesday with Vajpayee’s ashes. On Thursday, lavish arrangements were being made for the final journey of Atal’s ashes. The ashes were kept at the ground floor of the party office where the supporters and leaders offered flowers to it.

The journey with Vajpayee’s ashes began from Central via Chandni amidst flowers spread on the two sides of the road. ‘Atalji amar rahe’ slogans were raised. Dilip Ghosh carried the ashes from the office to the car. The car was decorated with several pictures of the deceased former PM.