Dilip Ghosh Took Out Ram Navami Rallies, Displaying Swords


Midnapore: At Kharagpur in West Midnapore, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh took out Ram Navami rallies and were seen displaying swords and maces.

“Ram Navami rallies are a part of our tradition. We are carrying arms to protect ourselves. It has nothing to do with elections. If TMC has a problem with armed rallies then they should change their thought process,” Ghosh said when asked why he took out rallies with swords and maces.The Vishva Hindu Parishad, which planned as many as 700 rallies in the state on the occasion of Ram Navami, took out several in South Bengal.

The organisation said that no arms would be carried in rallies held by it this year. “We have received permission for rallies. We will abide by the direction of the police and no one will carry arms during Ram Navami rallies conducted by us,” VHP organisational general secretary (eastern region) Sachindranath Sinha said.

Replying to a press , Dilip Ghosh said, “If there is a provocation if you take arms, then arms should be lifted from the hands of the army. We raised arms to protect mothers and sisters. That’s why today Kharagpur is calm. Someone went inside, someone is up. “

BJP President Dilip Ghosh hosted puja on Saturday for Ramnabami. Election observer Vivek Dubey said, “The district administration will take measures. I am trying to make poll peacefull.”