Dilip Ghosh Sticks To His Remarks On Amartya Sen


Kolkata: Unperturbed by the severe criticism of his attack on Amartya Sen, West Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh on Monday said he stood by his comments questioning the economist’s contribution towards the state and country.

He also lashed out at a “section of intellectuals” in the state who, he alleged, were serving their own interests rather than that of the society.

“I stick to whatever I have said. I have no regrets. What is his (Sen’s) contribution towards the Indian society and economy? What has he done for the development of our country,” Ghosh told reporters.

On Saturday, the BJP leader had launched a diatribe against the Nobel laureate saying, “A fellow Bengali among us has won the Nobel Prize and we are proud…But, what has he done for the state? What has he given to the nation? No one in Bengal understands him.”

Directing his anger at intellectuals, Ghosh said, “The intellectuals are only interested in serving their own interests, they are not interested in serving the nation. They stay mum when educational institutes are vandalised by TMC goons and teachers beaten up. But, their conscience is aroused all of a sudden when something comes up with the BJP.”

Reacting to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s comments on providing police security to him, Ghosh said, “What security is she talking about? She still takes security from a few RPF officers. Can’t she rely on her own police force? On one hand, her government is providing security and on the other, her party is sending goons to my office and home.”

Meanwhile, the CPI(M) and the Congress Legislature Party said they wanted an all-party resolution to be brought in the Assembly condemning the “derogatory remarks” made by Ghosh against Sen.