Dilip Ghosh Might Replace Rahul Sinha


Kolkata: There is a possibility that Dilip Ghosh, associated with RSS for a long time might take the post of State BJP President, says sources. On Wednesday after a meeting with Narendra Modi and Amit Shah in Delhi the speculations became stronger of Dilip replacing Rahul. According to sources, Rahul Sinha possibly has received the responsibility of Tripura’s central observers.

Dissatisfaction regarding Rahul Sinha among the party activist and supporters was increasing. A percentage of the activist and party supporters have already protested at the State headquarters to dismiss Rahul sinha from the post of President. On 27th November, the offended party supporters will go to the state headquarters.

The BJP Leadership has taken this decision to calm down the offended Party activist and supporters, feels the political community. They also think that by taking in Dilip Ghosh, who was associated with RSS for a long time and also hailing from Jangalmahal, RSS is trying to keep control over BJP.