Dilip Ghosh Faces Protest From TMC In Rampura


Medinipur: While Bharati Ghosh faced protests at Keshpur, Dilip Ghosh faced the wrath of TMC men at Medinipur’s Rampura. The BJP has accused the TMC in this incident.

As the day proceeded, the state BJP president and candidate from Medinipur Dilip Ghosh got the news of booth jamming at Rampura. After receiving complaint through party, he rushed to Rampura. Seeing him, the TMC workers and supporters allegedly started protesting against him.

Dilip Ghosh entered the booth in Rampura. The TMC and BJP got engaged in a brawl over this. The TMC men demanded that Ghosh should not enter the booth and tried stopping him. But forcing his way into the booth, Ghosh went inside and spoke to the BJP agent. When he came out of the booth, he again faced protests.

Major protests erupted surrounding his car. Even when he sat inside his vehicle, the situation turned worse. The central force jawans who were in Ghosh’s security intervened. The BJP has filed a complaint with the Election Commission.