Dilip Ghosh Distributed Candies To Celebrate Tripura Victory


Kolkata: West Bengal BJP state President Dilip Ghosh on Monday distributed candies at assemblies to celebrate Tripuira victory. Earlier, After BJP’s historic win in the Tripura Assembly elections, the party’s West Bengal unit said that the party is emerging as an alternative to the ruling Trinamool Congress in the state.

Taking a potshot at chief minister Mamata Banerjee for her recent comments that a victory by the CPI(M) in Tripura would make her happy, state BJP president Dilip Ghosh on Saturday said that the BJP would bring change to the state by defeating the Trinamool Congress.

“It is true that the CPI-M has lost in Tripura. But I am sure Mamata Banerjee is more grieved than they are, with the result,” Mr Ghosh said.

“Ms Banerjee suffered more pain than the CPI(M) workers did over their party’s defeat in Tripura. She wants to keep the CPI(M) alive. She will have to suffer more. The people of Bengal certainly will repose their faith in us. Change will also come here. We are trying to build our organisation here. Our central leaders keep a tab on us. They also cooperate. A change is going to take place here in next six months,” the state BJP president said.

Mr Ghosh added that the BJP’s win in Tripura will surely impact state politics and predicted a “sea change” in Bengal’s political scenario in six months.

“Such a landslide victory by the BJP in the Assembly elections in Tripura will affect West Bengal from the panchayat elections. We have started it from the Assembly elections. The effect has been felt in all the bypolls. In the municipality elections, we have to the second position despite massive rigging. The people of Bengal want the BJP here. They are with us,” Mr Ghosh said.

“It is the people who have brought about the change in Tripura. They will bring about the change in Bengal too,” he added.