Dilip Ghosh Demands CBI Probe In Islampur Students Shooting Case


Kolkata: The state BJP president Dilip Ghosh has demanded for CBI probe in the Islampur Darivit High School student shooting case on Friday. Students-police clash over the appointment of teachers in the Darivit High School in Islampur block turned into battlefield on Thursday. Meanwhile, among the students who faced the bullets two students have died and another student is battling for life.

The state BJP president Dilip Ghosh on Friday in the press conference showing his concern regarding the Islampur issue said, “Damage of various things at the Darviit high school is taking place. Evidences are being destroyed. A neutral investigations is need to be done. We demand a CBI inquiry regarding this incident. ”

Beside this, Ghosh also said, “Police are firing inside the school premises, if any miscreants are involved in this they must be arrested. Justice must be done. Will police kill anyone? Is the school a place for education or something else?” He also added that, “Whom is the government trying to make happy by appointing two teachers for Urdu where there is no student to study this subject? It should also be put into notice.”

Who will decides which teacher is required for a school? When asked about this, Dilip said, “The students can only understand which subject teachers are required for their school. The decision will certainly be taken by the students and their guardians.”