Dilip Directs Youth Cadres To Rescue Metiabruz’s Teen

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Kolkata: There are some allegations against BJP state President Dilip Ghosh because of insisting fury among his own party cadres. In the public gathering at Lalbazar on Wednesday he addressed the youth activists that they should try to rescue the abducted girl of Metiaburuz from the miscreants.

মেটিয়াবুরুজে অপহৃত মেয়েটিকে উদ্ধারে যুব মোর্চাকে নির্দেশ দিলীপের

 A minor Hindu girl from Kolkata is in captive since last June due to the idleness of Kolkata Police. Though the police know the location of the girl, out of fear of entering in “sensitive” area the force has not even raided the location.
The helpless father of the girl has been compelled to move to Calcutta High Court after which the court has expressed high concern and ordered for immediate action.
Dilip Ghosh added that why police do not enter the Metiaburuz area? Why they can not rescue a Hindu girl from Muslim area? After this statement all are feared that youth activists may create tussle in Metiuaburuz area.