Dilip Blames Negligence In Santragachi Disaster, Demands Probe


Kolkata: West Bengal Bharatiya Janata Party President Dilip Ghosh has accepted the negligence of railway officials behind the stampede at Santragachi station.

He said that the responsible railway officials must be punished significantly. He also demanded investigation to ensure that only negligence or conspiracy is also supporting the incident.

He also said that such life claiming mistake must be investigated. Supporting the common people he saids that “everyone wants to go back to their nest after a tiring day but the gap of the trains can not be justified with an explanation.

Blaming the railway authority, he said that, “Railway officials must be more concious about their responsibilities othewise the number will be increasing in a large scale. Chief minister Mamata Banerjee also demanded an investigation on this. In the same ground, BJP president said that “It needs a neutral investigation.”

The commuters hurriedly tried to cross the foot-overbridge between two platforms following an announcement of two trains coming simultaneously on two adjacent tracks. Two have died and fourteen people have been injured in this.