Dilip Blames Binoy, Not Bimal For Hill Unrest


Kolkata: After Binay Tamang’s statement against saffron brigade on Friday, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh lashes out GTA President Binay Tamang on Saturday and asserted that Binoy Tamang is responsible for the main turmoil in hill not Bimal Gurung. For surviving, Binoy uses TMC.

গুরুং নয়, পুলিশকে গুলি চালিয়েছিল বিনয় তামাং: দিলীপ ঘোষ

Earlier, Binoy Tamang hit out BJP and said BJP did not do anything in the progress of hill. he also criticized MP Surinder Singh Aluwalia and said what is his contribution on the development of the hill?

Dilip Ghosh counter-attacked Binoy Tamang’s statement and said centre gave 300 Cr for the development of the hill. but where is this money? Binoy Tamang decreased his importance in hill.

State president Dilip Ghosh also asserted that Binoy must think of himself and don’t think about BJP. He also uttered Binoy used his manpower to fire Police in hill. Dilip also reminded that BJP was not invited at tripartite meeting so how they raise finger on us?