Digvijaya Singh Refers To J&K As ‘India-Occupied Kashmir’


New Delhi: Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh momentarily referred to Jammu and Kashmir as ‘India-occupied Kashmir’ in his remarks to the media, before he clarified when queried by a reporter.

This is what he said first: “Narendra Modi thinks more about Pak-occupied Kashmir. He congratulates people from Balochistan. But he is not ready to talk to the people of Kashmir in India. First, we have to create confidence in Kashmir, be it India-occupied Kashmir or Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. If we have to build trust in people, then it is only possible through talks. The situation will not improve with this confrontationist remarks of the Prime Minister. It will only worsen.”

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And then, just as he was about to leave, a reporter questions him as to why he said ‘India-occupied Kashmir.’

Realising the faux-pas, he clarified, “No, I meant the Kashmir in India. I said he does not think about the Kashmir in India, only about Pak-occupied Kashmir. Kashmir is an integral part of India.”