Digital India Needs To Be Explored: Ravi Shankar Prasad


Bangalore:  Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad reacted to the US immigration policy saying Indian IT companies create jobs. They do not steal jobs either in USA or in any other country.
Speaking highly of the country’s IT sector he said, “Indian IT companies create jobs. They do not steal jobs either in USA or in any other country. If multinational companies have made big business then Indian minds have also immensely contributed. There is a need for reciprocity. Indian IT companies have conquered the world. Now it is their time to look back inside India and explore the vast market of Digital India.”

He was speaking at an event in Bangalore where he met the representatives of Indian IT Industry.

The US Department of Homeland Security had announced in early this month steps on Monday to prevent the fraudulent use of H1B visas, used by employers to bring in specialised foreign workers temporarily, which appeared to fall short of President Donald Trump’s campaign promises to overhaul the program.

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Trump had promised to end the lottery system for H1B visas, which gives each applicant an equal chance at 65,000 positions each year.

Lobbyists for businesses who rely on H1B visas, commonly used by the tech sector, had expected Trump to upend the lottery in favor of a system that prioritized workers who are highly skilled and would be highly paid in the United States.

The lottery for fiscal year 2018 opened on Monday without changes.

The start of the lottery was seen by those watching the issue as the unofficial deadline for the Trump administration to enact H1B visa reform, and the failure to meet that deadline signals that Trump’s promised overhaul of the system may be off the table or long delayed.