Digha Gets New Beach Safety App For It’s Visitors


Digha: Beach security at Digha is going hi-tech. A beach safety app, along with an alert link, will help friends and families of bathers in distress seek immediate assistance from cops and divers who can rush to the location. This app supplements initiatives taken so far, including deployment of police and nulias, and place them on maximum alert while patrolling the beach and 22 ghats.

As per TOI report the app has been developed via a Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) team, Digha Beach Safety, the security management app for Digha seashore will probably be uploded on Google playstore in about two days. The local police and the administration plan to urge visitors to obtain the app on their smartphones ahead of heading for the seashore.

“If the site key on a vacationer’s cell is on and he/ she fingers it to a friend or relative ahead of stepping into the ocean, the individual retaining the cell can in an instant press an user-friendly alert on the app if that individual attractions any misery of the bather.

The alert will probably be in an instant transmitted to the police regulate room, all policemen and women as well as nulias on patrol on the seashore who will immediately know the site of the person in danger. The app will assist the administration release quick response rescue operations,” said Contai SDPO Partho Ghosh.

Besides, the Digha seashore safety app will give regular climate signals and update safety of different places on the seashore. Tourists will probably be warned towards venturing into the ocean if there’s any unsafe alert. The app can even checklist safety tips for vacationers and feature hyperlinks to emergency numbers. This apart, the app will give vacationers and the administration real-time updates on the draught or level of water at different issues of the seashore and the peak of waves approaching or hitting the seashore but even so timings of top tides and coffee tides.

“We tried to succeed in a breakthrough in ensuring safety for vacationers on the Digha seashore via creating a safety management software using, Agile. Agile, our social paintings initiative, promotes a human friendly way of working, involving simplicity, small team, experimentation and mutual empathy. Any establishment can undertake it to make existence higher,” said Mohammad Mustafa, head of TCS’ Agile Initiative team.

SDPO Ghosh said, “The administration will weave into the app a list of spots and ghats where vacationers died up to now in conjunction with the dates and scenarios through which these deaths happened. This will give vacationers an concept about what can lead to a tragedy.”

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