DIG CID Receives Momo Message

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Kolkata: In a shocking update to the momo horror in West Bengal, the DIG CID has received the momo challenge in his whatsapp number. But the police presumes that the message has been received from a fake number.

DIG CID Nishat Pervez said, “I have also received the momo message.” According to him this has been done by some one known. By this it is clear that the account from which the message has come, is fake.

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Pervez also said that, “We are not saying that it is 100% fake. It is fake in some cases. Do not panic.”

The DIG CID added that the investigations which have been done in the police stations, will be further investigated.

He added that all the numbers from where the momo messages were received are virtual and foreign numbers.

“We have not yet found any links in the mobile data of Aditi Goyel and Manish. What
is actually in this momo game will be investigated. But please do not panic. These
can be fake. We have already given preventive measures on Twitter and facebook. If anyone tries to create fake message and spread panic, then they will be arrested.”

“We have instructed the district SP and commissionerate to immediately inform the
CID if something as this comes to their notice. We (CID) did not come across any
momo incident in West Bengal through our investigation. If any parent notices their
ward involved any of such activities, then they must immediately inform the police
and go for counselling,” said Pervez.