Didi’s Wall-Writing To Challenge Modi’s High-Tech Campaign In Lok Sabha


Kolkata: The challenge between traditional vs thematic is everywhere. There is no exception oin politics too. Mamata Banerjee has given extra charge to you president Abhishek Banerjee of wall-writing a part of the Lok Sabha campaign for Trinamool-Congress. She said that “No picture in poster, word of people must get the importance.”

Wait for few month then the final game will arrive in March-April. Without wasting any time, TMC wants to take preparation to beat BJP and to turn Modi- Shah powerless. So Mamata reminds all the party members that campaigning is the prime focus right now. She has given a basic blue print to fight the political game.

Nephew of Mamata Banerjee said that, “Younger people have to take extra pressure of campaign. This time wall-writing is important. Tentatively, thirty wall-writing ina block is enough. But the pattern of poster will come later. Partha Chatterjee will look after the whole campaigning issue along with Derek O’brien, Manas Bhuinya, Manish Gupta.

Slamming BJP, Mamata said that, “We do not have money like BJP. they do not have man-power but have ample amount of money. So they misuse money a lot. Not only in Bengal, they have a chance to do it across India.” She added that, “BJP says a lot about themselves. One day They will be finished like this.”

Taking a dig at the BJP for changing names of the cities, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday accused the Narendra Modi-led NDA government of trying to change the functioning of autonomous institutions like the RBI and the CBI. She also accused the Centre of making attempts to change the Constitution and the federal structure of the country.

“They are history changer, policy changer, Planning Commission changer, note changer, institution changer, but not game changer. The country is in danger. They are making attempts to change the Constitution and the federal structure of the country,” she said at the extended core committee meeting of the Trinamool Congress.

She said that, “Picture should not dominate the campaign. People do not take that properly. Words will influence people which will be result oriented. According to the political experts “the extensive use of Mamata Banerjee’s picture will turn the situation complicated. So she is trying to dilute the issue as early as possible.