Night Bus Service Will Resume Again In Belpahari

  • My connection with Jangalmahal goes back a long way. I had started my Jana Sanjog Jatra in 1993 from Belpahari.
  • There was a time when there was a reign of violence in Jangalmahal. Tourists did not come to this region.
  • Stipend for Kanyashree girls has been increased. The old age pension of farmers has also been increased.
  • Girls are our assets. We have launched a new scheme ‘Ruposhree’ to help in the marriage of girls from poor families.
  • We have started many eco-tourism projects for Jangalmahal.
  • We have written to the Centre to enlist the Kurmi community under Scheduled Tribe list.
  • We are bringing Bills to give recognition to Kuruk and Kurmali languages.
  • We have already come up with a dictionary in Ol Chiki script.
  • We have constructed 25 lakh houses for the poor. We have started construction of 13,000 km of rural roads.
  • Mamata Banerjee concludes her speech with ‘Bandemataram’.
  • We want bus service at night in Jangalmahal.
  • We have a government of Ma-Mati-Manus.
  • We demand the cancellation of FRDI bill.
  • We will demand proper investigation in PNB Scam.
  • Our main target to reduce poorness in Jangalmahal.
  • We Will give seventy lakhs cycle to the students of Jangalmahal.
  • Employment Bank was build up for Jangalmahal footballer.
  • Three Super Specialty Hospital are made.
  • Mamata Banerjee congratulates Police to bring peace in Jhargram.
  • Kisan Mandi is also made for farmers.
  • Above nine thousands houses has given to the Adhivasi.
  • A New university will build up at Jhargram.
  • We gave rice at just Rs 2 to bring smile at faces of Adhivasi.

Jhargram: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee attends the programme of Belpahari High School. Senior administrative officials and police officers will also be present in the programme. Security has been tightened in Jhargram to avoid any untoward incident during the stay of the Chief Minister.