Diarrhea Outbreak: Signs Of Relent


Kolkata: Diarrhea outbreak in the city had turned to be the worst in past six days finally showed the signs of relent.

The Baghajatin state general hospital and Kolkata Municipal Corporation clinics has recorded fewer patients compared to first six days of the outbreak of the disease.

According to media reports, the sudden outbreak of the disease last caught almost 2500 of people.The disease then rapidly spread to Patuli, Baghajatin area to neighbouring areas such as Garia, Jadavpur, Santoshpur.Then it was the turn of the disease to enter areas off EM bypass like Mukundapur, Madurdaha, Garfa, Haltu and Kasba. Some areas of Dhakuria were not spared.

The Diarrhea outbreak claimed its first victim with the death of 33-year-old Biswajit Das, who had come down to Bagha Jatin. KMC health clinics recorded over 400 patients each day during the peak of the enteric disease scare.

Of these clinics Patuli topped the list followed by Garfa clinic. While the doctors at the Patuli clinic found it an uphill task to treat the inflow of patients from the neighbourhood, a separate health camp was organized from Tuesday to Friday with the help of a local club.

However, the KMC health clinics on Saturday recorded only 51 patients who were treated for either loose motion or vomiting. Going by records, till the mid of the week the clinic recorded over a 100 patient every day, the number declined from Friday. “In past two days we have recorded only 30 patients,” said an employee of the clinic.

Twenty children with diarrhoea have been admitted to the Institute of Child Health. Several kilometres away from Baghajatin, residents of Nonadanga are also affected. Almost every family at Balmiki Ambedkar Abasan in the area has a diarrhoea patient.