Diarrhea Outbreak: Kolkata Corporation Collects Packaged Water Samples For Test


Kolkata: Diarrhea outbreak in Kolkata has scared citizens. Out of fear of water contamination, many citizens are buying packaged drinking waters but a recent sample test found bacteria in packaged water too.

Kolkata Corporation officials is collecting water samples from local companies that produce packaged drinking water in affected areas. A team from Kolkata Corporation comprising six members packaged water production units which were in unhygienic condition.

Some bottles are in the markets which did not even have the mandatory stamp of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). In last year, state’s Enforcement Brunch(EB) raided many water production units. There they found many units used to pack tap water and then sell it as mineral water.

In many suburbs near Kolkata, you can get 20 liters water at 30 Rs which is very cheap to compared market rates. Mayor Sovan Chatterjee on Thursday announced “packaged water” might be the reason for the outbreak of diarrhea denying any contamination in municipality supply water.

According to media reports, nearly 2,000 patients admitted to the two infectious diseases hospitals in the city. While after several tests, contamination of water is behind the diarrhea outbreak, has been asserted clearly, the civic body has still not come out with any fundamental measures to solve it.